With 2019 well underway, we are currently taking enrollments for our English courses for Speakers of other languages.  The term has started today 11th February and will run through to the end of Term 1 on the 1st April 2019.  There are further classes scheduled for term 2, term 3 and term 4.  Students can study either for a term or two right up to taking a full year of Study.

Our classes run daily from Monday to Friday and we have a range of levels from Elementary (little or no English at all) right through to our Advanced Levels where some Students may be able to prepare for IELTs testing.

IELTs stands for The International English Language Testing System.  This standard tests a students ability to listen, speak, read and write in English.  Many Universities, Work Places and Tertiary Institutions require a Student to have received a certain level of IELTs before commencement to ensure that they are fluent in English to be able to understand and undertake the work required.

We offer two types of English Classes.  Conversational English which is ideal for those that wish to work on their listening and conversational skills only or our General English which works on all aspects speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Our Tutors are flexible and will adapt to the needs of their class.  That may mean more focus on writing, or more focus on speech and listening.

Did you know that if you are a Citizen or Permanent Resident in New Zealand for more than 3 years, that you may be able to study English for free.

Please feel free to contact anytime for further information.

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