As we draw closer to the Christmas Season and towards the end of the last School term of 2018, we at Glenfield College Community Education are putting our thinking caps on.

Some changes have already been made.  My name is Julie Kilroy and I am the recently appointed Community Education Coordinator.  You may already know me if your child is or has been attending Glenfield College.  Since starting in 2011, I have been the person dealing with your payments and Student Accounts.  But there always comes time for change and for me that is now and with a positive attitude, I am embracing the changes as a way to make improvements both for my family and myself and allowing myself to grow and learn new skills.

Most of us can remember a time when the Community College was a thriving hub of multiple courses happening each night at different places around the College.  Did continuing Education go out of Vogue.  That I can’t answer, but I do know that it is also time to start listening to the Community and hearing what they want.

Current Tutors are wonderful.  Diane and Timothy do a wonderful job teaching people English and lets face it, with our Kiwi slang and off the cuff remarks, that must make it very difficult for those that don’t have English as their first language.  Susana is a delight to her class in teaching Spanish and our Sewing courses with Annette are proving to be very popular.  We are hoping to bring back some more Business Orientated classes like Xero, Excel and basic bookkeeping as well.

If you or people you know have talents or skills and would like to earn extra money, please get in contact with us.  You may be a Master of Renovations, awesome at crafts, keen writer or have an eye for photography.  You may be a local Historian with vast knowledge of the area.  You could be a florist, you could be experienced with essential oils or other natural remedies and healing techniques.  Anything at all.  We want to during Term 1 in 2019 build up a Database of potential courses and Tutors as well as listening to what the community wants and then put it all together.  We want feedback and input and are ready to listen.

We haven’t gone anywhere but we are changing for the better and see a fresh start in 2019.

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