We are really excited to announce that the AA Defensive Driving Course will be held here in our facilities from Term 2.

This course is designed to help new drivers be aware of the dangers and potential risks of other drivers on our Roads. Primarily designed for but not limited to Restricted Drivers. This course is run by a Qualified AA Defensive Driving Instructor and includes a 1 hour in car driving assessment. A Certificate is issued upon passing the course which reduces the restriction period by 6 mths.

This course will give Drivers the skills, confidence and knowledge to be a safer and smarter Driver.   Learn how to identify hazards, different scenarios and minimize the risks of being in a crash.  There is access to the online driver training system, 4 classroom sessions and an in-car session (schedule to a time that suits both the Instructor and you).

Did you know that people who attend Defensive Driving Courses are 10% more likely to pass their driving Test the first time.

For holders of a Learner licence

This course will help you pass your restricted test and will include a one hour in-car session which will develops your driving skills.  Once you have your Restricted Licence, you will be able to apply to receive your Full Licence six months earlier.

For holders of a Restricted licence

You are 10% more likely to pass your full licence test on the first try. It also reduces the time you’ll spend on your restricted licence by 6 months. If you’re over 25, the time on your restricted licence is reduced from 6 months to 3 months.

Full licence holders

Even full licence holders benefit from completing the AA Defensive Driving Course. If you’re a police recruit, a court referral, completing a Police Diversion programme or want to refresh your driving knowledge and skill base, you’ve come to the right place. The AA Defensive Driving Course is designed specifically for you.

Please note that there are limited spaces and no discounts can be used against this course.

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