Last Term saw a number of people asking when we will be bringing back some of the courses we used to do and we are looking into each and every course to see if we can bring these back.  We want to ensure that our current courses established and underway don’t get overlooked for favour of new courses.  So with that in mind we are hoping to bring in or bring back one or two courses each term and gradually but solidly rebuild the centre.  It takes time to grow any business and we are no different but we are growing.

I have been heartened by the positive feedback that I am receiving from everyone in the Community.  It has shown me that there is a real need for a facility like ours in the Community.  A safe place for people to come and learn a language, a hobby or a skill and develop relationships with others in the Community with similar interests.

Of high demand has been cooking courses and we will be trying to get these back as soon as we can.

This last term has seen our highest numbers of Students enrol for the Introduction to Xero course.  This is a fantastic accounting program that is simple to use but extremely effective.  Xero is fast becoming the go to Accounting software not only for businesses but for Schools and other organisations as well.

What a fantastic term last term was.  A lot of our Students saw a vast improvement in their learning skills with the whole Beginners class moving into Elementary level.  Congratulations on a huge effort. Two of our Student prepare and sit their IELTs exam.  This is a very demanding exam that is offered in two levels.  Academic English and General English.  IELTs is an Internationally recognised Standard of English and many Universities and Academic Academies require a certain level to be obtained before a person can enrol if English is their second language.

Term 3 has seen us add new classes and restructure when the classes are held to cater to the needs our our Learners.  We have been able to establish a Foundation Class which has been needed for awhile.  This class teaches Students English right from the Beginning and because they are all at a similar level encourages them to participate and grow knowing that they are not on their own in their struggle to begin to understand English.

A Conversation class has also gotten underway this term as well.  This is open for Learners who are Pre Intermediate or higher.  It is aimed to help Learners pronounciation and listening skills as well as given them confidence to speak English openly to others.


We have passionate tutors who wish to see English accessable to everyone who wishes to learn.  All our Tutors are experienced in teaching English as a second Language.

Our style of teaching can be a little different to what Learners may have been used to but we have found that this is effective and very popular.  We offer a friendly relaxed environment for Students to learn.

Not all learners wish to obtain a certification in English.  Most just want to be able to learn enough English to be able to interact with others in the Community or to be able to understand answers to their questions when purchasing a bus ticket or going into the Bank.

Because we are not directly curriculum driven, we are able to hesitate at any time to ensure that our Students understand what we are teaching before we move on.  This allows our Students to gain confidence and to learn at their own pace.  All our Students undergo testing during the term but the focus is more on showing them how far they have come.  We tend to tailor our classes each term to suit the needs of those who are attending.

Marian Sanders

Marian started with us in the beginning of Term 2 and took over the Beginners class.  Intially a Secondary School English Teacher, Marian obtained her certification to teach ESOL when arriving in New Zealand.  With experience in teaching English and experience in working Learners in other areas, Marian is a great asset to the team and really encourages out Learners to stretch themselves.

Kate Gwilliams

Is a busy Mum of three, wishing to work closer to home. Kate comes with a wealth of experience from Teaching from Oman to teaching English here in New Zealand.  Kate joins the team as our full-time tutor and is friendly and excited about seeing Learners grow and has a great adaptability to teach at any level.

We are priviledged to have such great Tutors coming on Board with us.  

This is an introductory course that begins next week Tuesday 13th August and will run for six weeks.  It is anticipated the the next level Spanish will begin in Term 4.

We are pleased to welcome Marta to the team.  Marta is originally from Spain and has a passion to teach others her native language.  In this course you will learn the basics through to phrases you can use if you travel to Spain.

AA Defensive Driving Course

This has proved to be very popular and needed here in our local community.  The second course of Defensive Driving has just finished and we will be bringing you more courses and dates in the near future.
This course is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their driving skills from those on a Restricted Licence right through to those just wanting to up date their knowledge and skills.


We can help.  A number of self-employed people have attended our Accounting and Taxation course this year and have found this course to be a great value to understanding their business.  Currently we are underway for Term 3 but will be running this course again in Term 4.
If you follow this course up with the Introduction to Xero and then the Xero The next steps course, then you will have set yourself up to build on a good foundation.  Not only will you understand the Accounting Principles, you can now put them into Practice by managing your own accounts through Xero and ultimately giving you control over your business.
We also run a Payroll course for those that employ staff.

Pre-Paid English Fees paid to Immigration New Zealand.

Did you know that we are able to access those fees for you.  So if you had to pay to study English as part of your Visa requirement, then you are able to come and study with us.
Phone the Office on 444-1353 for more information.

At Glenfield College Adults and Community Education we aim to provide affordable courses to allow our wider Community to access work based skills, new languages and recreational courses in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We are always looking to add more courses to our Centre, so if you speak another language fluently then we wish to hear from you.  In particular Chinese and French.

We have enquiries on a regular basis to be able to bring back our Office Administration Course.  We need people who can teach Microsft Word, Excel as well as Web development and Social Media Marketing.

If you are interest or feel you have a skill or talent that you wish to share with others, then we would love to hear from you.
Phone Julie on 444-1353

Discounts now offered

Next term we will be offering discounts on most of our courses for those holding Student ID’s, have a Community Services Card or a Super Gold Card (please do not be offended if we ask for a copy as proof).   Please note that due to outside providers using our facility, some courses may not qualify for the discount, like the AA Defensive Driving Course.
We wish to encourage and make it easier for those needing skills to return to the workforce, that they are able to access these courses and have financial help in doing so.
Our ESOL Students will also receive a discount if they enrol in another course other than General English.  This is a great way for them to be able to develop relationships outside their families and classes with others in the Community.  It is also a great way for them to develop and use the English they are using during the day.

Courses planned for Term 3
– still open for enrolments
Coming soon…our new look website.
We will be updating our programmes and systems to bring you a better experience and smoother registration process.
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